8 Ways to Make Every Day the Best Day of your Life

2019 is well underway and while we may have many goals and resolutions the only control we really have is what we do daily. As John Maxwell beautifully said, "You cannot change something in your life unless you change something you do daily." The secret of success in your life lies in your daily agenda. We have all heard the line “Live every day as if it is your last.” While I appreciate the exuberance of this statement somehow it doesn’t resonate with me because if it is my last day it would put a downer on my spirit. What I have come up with is a statement that works for me and it is “Every day is the best day of your life. Give it your best shot.” This statement has worked well for me as it tells me that today is going to be my best day and if I want to have a best day I must give it my best shot. What this does is it shows me that I can make my day great. This also tells me that there are no bad days so even if something goes wrong I can take it in the right way. I also…

40 Keys to Personal Success

Here are my thoughts on how to become more successful and enjoy life. There are 40 keys I have identified and we all do well in some areas and we can improve in other areas. This list can increase our awareness and help us on our journey towards greater personal success. You are unique — Even identical twins do not have the same characteristics. Be comfortable with who you are. Celebrate who you are and appreciate your uniqueness. There is no need to compare with anyone else as your life has a unique purpose which only you can fulfill. Really appreciate everything about you. Celebrate your life till now — You have already accomplished a lot. Sometimes we think we haven’t done much. However when you look at your life you understand that there has been a lot of things you have done that you can be proud of. There is a famous saying of George Bernard Shaw who was asked at the end of life what he would do if he could live his life again. He said “I wish I could have been the man I never wa…

Linchpin - Become Remarkable and Indispensable

Linchpin is a powerful call to everyone to bring their best talents to the table. Seth Godin says every one of us born into genius. If a genius is someone who has found something which others are struggling with then you have been one at some point in life. No one is a genius all the time. Einstein had trouble finding his house when he walked home from work every day.
His plea is what we want are indispensable human beings. We need original thinkers, provocateurs, and people who care. Every organization needs a linchpin, the one person who can bring it together and make a difference.  Artists are people with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection or a new way of getting things done.
In the factory era the goal was to have the highest PERL (Percentage of Easily replaced Laborers). If you can easily replace most of your workers, then you can pay them less. The less they make the more money you make. If you build a business that is filled with rules and procedures, then you w…

10 Rules of Success

Success can be baked with the following ingredients. If we need a million dollars or billion dollars to feel successful, then most of us would never get off the starting block. Here are my 10 rules of success. Coming up with our own rules leads to greater satisfaction as we have a series of targets to aim at.
Accept yourself unconditionally – In my opinion this is the first rule of any form of success. We must accept ourselves totally and unconditionally for the person we are. This is irrespective of other opinions of us. We must unequivocally accept ourselves and be totally comfortable in our own skin. We can totally admire all our wonderful qualities while striving to the best we can be with what we have.  
Set your own goals – As it is often said goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. Every top person has a unique set of goals that they are committed to. However, the goals must be your own and it cannot be set by anyone else. Only you can know what you want your life sta…

8 Ways to Awaken the Olympian Within in 2019

To stick to our goals or resolutions in 2019 we need to think like Olympians metaphorically. It is amazing what the Olympics can mean for all of us. It is a true triumph of the human spirit in action. Anyone who participates in the Olympics deserves applause because of the amount of preparation they put in before an event and the type of trials and tribulations they undergo even before they have the privilege of participation leave alone the winning of the gold medal.
I was interested to see what we can learn from the Olympians and how it can help us get the most out of ourselves. I have expanded each letter of the word Olympian so that we can awaken the Olympian within. 
O for Optimism – Just to participate in the Olympics athletes have to put in a minimum of 4000 hours of preparation. This requires nothing but complete optimism on the part of the athlete which only a few people are willing to do. It has been researched that a lot of us suffer from learned helplessness. The way to ove…