7 Ways to Take-Off in 2020

We are into the third week of 2020 and I think we can take off this year if we want to. We have seen planes keep moving in the runway and seeing other planes take off. They are waiting for their signal to take off. I feel the analogy here is applicable to our lives. We are all in the runway of life and we see others taking off in their lives. The moment we decide to take off in our lives is where we take firm control of our lives and direct it to the way we want it to happen.
As Tony Robbins said “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” That quote has stayed with me and it is a powerful quote. Just think about it anything in your life is due to your decisions. One of the decisions you need to make to get the most out of life is to take off in your life. Really take off from the depth of your soul and the results will be there for all to see.
I have expanded the word take off to really drive home the point.
Believe in your talent – We all have reservoirs of potent…

Make 2020 Great with The Optimist's Manifesto

Tom Peters said "The race will go to the curious, the slightly mad, and those with an un-satiated passion for learning and dare-deviltry." Optimism is one of the key traits of successful people. All change or innovations that have happened in the world are due to people willing to see something more than others see. Where others see roadblocks, successful people see opportunities. I have come up with ten commandments which can help us be at our optimistic best throughout the year.
I resolve to take 100% responsibility for my life – I am not the first to suggest this nor will I be the last. Taking full responsibility for your life both personal and professional is the starting point of feeling great about yourself. When you feel you are in control of your life you are more optimistic. You also respond to life rather than react to it.
I resolve to learn from setbacks – Napoleon Hill famously said, “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.” It is not ea…

10 Ways to Stay Disciplined in 2020

Wish everyone a great 2020. 2020 is well underway and we all have resolutions and goals we want to achieve. We also want to make sure this excitement doesn’t just last for two weeks but lasts for the entire year. So how do you keep this excitement going for a long time? To me the answer is one word which is discipline. It is discipline that will keep you going for the long haul and continue to keep your resolutions and goals in focus. This quote is great “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Roy L. Smith
In the book “The Motivation Myth” Jeff Haden makes an interesting premise that success is what leads to motivation. Attending a motivational seminar may get you excited but once you are back home you are the same person because you haven’t accomplished anything except paying for the seminar. I really liked this book because it hits right into what is needed for genuine success and it is grit, discipline and hard work. Once you get started that’s when motiv…

1937,2020 or 2090 Success is Voice, Dreams and Goals

In 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote that definiteness of purpose is the key to success. He gave a six-step formula for success. The first step was desire that is deciding exactly what you want and then providing the service to achieve that. In 2020 even, most books will still talk about the same because it is true that success is going after what you want. I believe in 2090 as well anyone can define success the same way because it is going after what you want which is the key to a happy life. There is a lot of talk about grit and I do agree that it is important. However you can have grit only when you truly know in your heart of hearts what you really want. If you know what you really want in your life and why you want it you have a greater shot at displaying grit.
In his wonderful book Shoe Dog Phil Knight says the following “I wanted to leave a mark on the world, I simply didn’t want to lose.” The more important thing he said was “Seek a calling. Even if you don’t know what that means, see…

8 Ways to Awaken the Olympian Within in 2020

To stick to our goals or resolutions in 2020 we need to think like Olympians metaphorically. It is amazing what the Olympics can mean for all of us. It is a true triumph of the human spirit in action. Anyone who participates in the Olympics deserves applause because of the amount of preparation they put in before an event and the type of trials and tribulations they undergo even before they have the privilege of participation leave alone the winning of the gold medal.
I was interested to see what we can learn from the Olympians and how it can help us get the most out of ourselves. I have expanded each letter of the word Olympian so that we can awaken the Olympian within.
O for Optimism — Just to participate in the Olympics athletes have to put in a minimum of 4000 hours of preparation. This requires nothing but complete optimism on the part of the athlete which only a few people are willing to do. It has been researched that a lot of us suffer from learned helplessness. The way to ove…

The Key to Happiness in 2020 and Beyond - My Happiness Project

We all want to be happy and with a new year coming instead of looking at things that are not working in our lives it might be wiser to think of the things that are going well. The problem with resolutions is we are trying to always change something. There are some things that may never need to be changed. There will be all sorts of messages in the new year asking us to change or set new resolutions. My point is we have to really see why do even need to change unless we want to. Just because it is the new year it doesn't mean we have to change. I think everyone has one common goal in life and that is to be happy. It has also been well established that you can’t really pursue happiness but rather it is the result of concerted action towards your closely cherished dreams. Aristotle said “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” What are the keys to happiness? Happiness has been defined as the progressive realization of a worthy goa…

Life is Truly a Numbers Game and Welcome 2020 with these Numbers

I have realized that life is truly a numbers game. It is wonderful to look at all the numbers of your life and see where you stand versus where you want to be. As they say the numbers tell the whole truth. This being the end of the decade it might be the best time to take a look at the numbers of your life. Here are the areas where I like to review the numbers in my life. See if this applies to you Sleep - This is so important that I want to put it at the top of the heap. Measure the number of hours you sleep. 7 hours at a minimum is a must so if you are not getting enough sleep see which activities you must stop to get the extra sleep. You may have to forego some activities to get this sleep in. However, this is an absolute must if you want to get the most out of yourself. There are so many books coming on this so it is imperative to get this right. Exercise – Barring any health conditions you need to see how much exercise you are getting on a weekly basis. Again, if this means sleepi…

25 Books to Put on your Reading List in 2020

As the year nears completion I wanted to share some of the books I enjoyed reading this year. I would say this year has been one of the best in terms of terrific books. Please check out my favorite books of 2019 below. Most of them are business books which is my preferred genre and I have also reviewed some of them so if you are interested you can check it out by clicking the related links. At the end of the article you can also find my favorite books from 2015 till 2018 as well.
Trailblazer by Marc Benioff and Monica Langley – This was totally inspirational to me. Marc gives his back story which was interesting. He was always interested in technology from childhood. The main theme is that culture not only eats strategy for breakfast but everything else. Doing good and giving back is good for business. It does have an idealistic tone, but I think this book is a must read for all entrepreneurs and business leaders. He also talks about taking a stand on issues which Marc has done on num…