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24 Hours - 7 Ways to be Ultra Productive

I wanted to name this post Time Management but felt 24 hours is a more apt description. 24 hours is what all of us get every day whether we like it or not. The way we use our daily 24 hours over a long period of time ultimately determines where we finish. Time management is an oxymoron and I am surely not an expert on it. I see myself more as a student and have gathered some ideas that can help in managing ourselves better. I firmly believe that Time management is not reserved for only the work we do but it plays a very important part in our personal lives as well. When we manage ourselves better it reduces stress and increases our experience of joy. Everyone's philosophy of Time management is different so finding what works for each person is the key. For some people it may mean spending more time with the family, while for others it maybe to reach the apex of corporate success. Here are seven ways that can help us on our journey to optimum personal effectiveness. Focu