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Emma Raducanu - Historic Achievement with the Champion's Mindset

Emma Raducanu has created history by being the first qualifier to win a major championship in tennis. The best part is she had to win 3 qualifying matches before even being considered for the main draw and they had already booked a return flight back a couple of weeks back before the championship started. It is also super cool that she won all 10 matches without losing a set. This is unfathomable to say the least and it shows how a champion is born through steadfastly holding on to her dream despite the odds. When she was asked what the key to her success was she said it was her mindset. I want to take a deeper look at how we can develop a winning mindset. Mindset is something we all associate with sports and we know a lot of athletes who are at the top of their game have a great mindset like Emma. Another thing we have heard a lot is the growth mindset and fixed mindset by Carol Dweck. Point is to have a growth mindset where you always believe that you can learn anything new and