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Federer - 6 Keys to Champion Mindset

Roger Federer beat Marin Cilic in a five set thriller to win the Australian Open 2018 which is his 20th grand slam. This is nothing short of sensational especially considering that Federer maybe at the twilight of his career. Well the twilight is something only tennis pundits speak about whereas Federer is taking the game to new levels which is unfathomable. He is getting better with age in a game where the young use to rule the roost.

Federer knows when to step up and he has a knack of overcoming failures quickly. I believe that is the Champion Mindset. Let’s face it all of us will lose or encounter failure but what separates the champions from the rest is the way they ultimately respond to the negative event. If like Federer we keep looking to the future with possibilities, then we can overcome any failure and this is the key to develop the mindset of a champion.

On the topic of mindset it was interesting to read what was written in the Power of Habit (a wonderful book) by Charles Duh…

1937 or 2018 or 2088 - Success is Dreams and Goals

In 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote that definiteness of purpose is the key to success. He gave a six-step formula for success. The first step was desire that is deciding exactly what you want and then providing the service to achieve that. In 2018 even, most books still talk about the same because it is true that success is going after what you want. I believe in 2088 as well anyone can define success the same way because it is going after what you want which is the key to a happy life.
In his wonderful book Shoe Dog Phil Knight says the following “I wanted to leave a mark on the world, I simply didn’t want to lose.” The more important thing he said was "Seek a calling. Even if you don’t know what that means, seek it. If you’re following your calling, the fatigue will be easier to bear, the disappointments will be few, the highs will be like nothing you’ve ever felt." I think that defines success more than anything else.
You don’t need to win to feel confident. You need to be conf…

5 Books to make 2018 great

With 2018 in full swing we all have resolutions and goals we want to achieve. We also want to make sure this excitement doesn’t just last for two weeks but lasts for the entire year. So how do you keep this excitement going for a long time?
For me one of the ways to keep this motivation ongoing is to keep reading. Reading is one way to be positive about your future. It also provides a great relief from the negative news cycles. So here are 5 books I enjoyed reading this year.
When by Daniel Pink – The premise of the book is simple. It is that when you decide to do something is as important as how you do it. For example, if you are an early morning person you should schedule the most difficult tasks for morning. You should take breaks during the day. Take nature walks even if it is for 5 min. Take a nap when you can for 20 min and take the coffee just before you take the nap. If you are in a midlife slump set new goals, be self-compassionate and appreciate how good you have it. For you…

10 Ways to Stay Disciplined in 2018

With 2018 in full swing we all have resolutions and goals we want to achieve. We also want to make sure this excitement doesn’t just last for two weeks but lasts for the entire year. So how do you keep this excitement going for a long time? To me the answer is one word which is discipline. It is discipline that will keep you going for the long haul and continue to keep your resolutions and goals in focus. This quote is great “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Roy L. Smith
In the book "The Motivation Myth" Jeff Haden makes an interesting premise that success is what leads to motivation. Attending a motivational seminar may get you excited but once you are back home you are the same person because you haven't accomplished anything except paying for the seminar. I really liked this book because it hits right into what is needed for genuine success and it is grit, discipline and hard work. Once you get started that's when motivation kicks…

7 Ways to Winning in 2018

Winning is what we all want in life. With 2018 in full view we all want to set New Year resolutions and hope the next year will be better than the last year. Irrespective of how 2017 has been you can make 2018 better. Here are 7 ways to win in any year. I have expanded each letter of the word Winning.
Work Hard and Smart – It is so important to work hard no question about that. However, it is not just about putting 12 hours into your work. It is about maximising productivity with the available time. Focus on top priorities and understand what the key result areas of your job are. Focus only on that and eliminate non-value adding activities. Work hard while being smart. There is so much information now that sleep is very important to be productive so let's make that a priority to get adequate sleep for our bodies.
Stay Inspired – Inspiration is the fuel you need to accomplish all your goals. Decide on things that keep your inspired. It may be reading a motivational book, for others …