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Gratitude is the key to Thanksgiving

Being a leader also involves being grateful for your team, your peers and also the opportunity to make an impact with your presence and skill. Nov 25th 2021 is Thanksgiving in the United States and it is a wonderful time to give thanks for everything we have in our lives. We can give thanks daily of course. All of us have reasons to be unhappy with certain events in our lives but as a lot of science has proven gratitude promotes happiness instantly. Gratitude is the cornerstone of a healthy personality. If we make this a daily practice, we will have lesser stress in our lives. Here are some simple ways to develop our gratitude muscles daily which is the key to Thanksgiving. Practice generosity: This is a simple suggestion but not easy. We can show our generosity in the way we treat our colleagues or anyone else we meet. If we are waiting in line for example, we can do it without trying to rush it. We can also be generous in our appreciation of others in our team. Especially as leaders

26 Tips to Lead in the 21st Century - A to Z of Leadership

Leadership is the most important need in our society and organizations alike. In my opinion everyone should define what leadership means to them and it is for the individual to decide if they are successful in meeting that definition or not. I would suggest identify the leaders who have impacted you and find out how they led their teams. In my opinion leadership is ability to be stay inspired and inspire others to action. Leaders help others perform even when they don’t feel like doing it. My leadership philosophy consists of 3 elements it is about having a vision, ability to inspire others and leading by example. I believe the recipe of leadership can be baked with the following ingredients. Here is my A - Z of Leadership. A for Attitude: Attitude is the first requirement to be a great leader. A leader’s attitude is contagious and spreads like wild fire across the organization. Jack Welch has a 4E formula which is having high energy, ability to energize, execute and having the edge. A

28 Traits to Lead in Turbulent Times

In times of crisis like this we look to leaders for inspiration, hope and direction. The last word is the key as the first thing to suffer in a crisis is direction. Leaders have a guiding vision for the future and turn to hope when others can only see mud. Lets hope in this time of enormous crisis it also unearths true leaders who can navigate the turbulent times and move us into a greater future however distant that may seem at this time. Everyone has their own definition of leadership. Mine is simple it is about dreaming big, inspiring others and leading by example. Leaders really do dream big dreams think of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Roosevelt, Churchill among others. The current business landscape requires more leaders who are willing to chart new seas and deal with change in a world that has not only flattened but also eliminated geographical boundaries. The 21st Century leader needs to pack the following traits in their repertoire. Leaders are made and of course they are born a

11 Books on Leadership, Success, Technology and Business in 2021

I wanted to take the opportunity to share the books I liked reading this year across various topics like technology, business, success and leadership among others. Most of them are business books which is my preferred genre. Here are the books I liked reading in 2021. At the end of the article I share the books I liked right from 2015 till now. Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt – This is an insider peek into what led to GE's downturn in his tenure. We shouldn't forget he took over GE from the legendary Jack Welch and the day after he took over the unfortunate 09/11 events took place. While history may be very harsh on him I feel we also need to give him credit for the time he led. He gives some solid leadership advice like leaders showing up, persevering in a crisis, solving problems, managing complexity, and doing systems thinking among others. It is worth a read. Think Again by Adam Grant – I have read all of Adam Grant's books and this was an interesting addition to his accomplish

6 Keys that could make Rahul Dravid a Great Coach

  At the outset let me tell you that I am a huge fan of Rahul Dravid. Irrespective of which team you support the world over people, commentators, former players and current players all admire this man. I want to congratulate Rahul Dravid for being appointed as the Head Coach of the Indian cricket team. He is taking over a team which has performed exceptionally well over the last few years. So the heat is on and the onus is on Dravid to take the team to the next level. I believe he has it in him to become a great coach. One of the things I want to make clear is that being a great player doesn't necessarily warrant them to be a great coach. However in Dravid's case I think he has all the qualities needed to be an outstanding coach. One of the keys is his ability to get along with everyone and likeability factor. The reason Rahul Dravid is so likable is his even-headedness. I think one of the best compliments Rahul got was in 2007 when he handled the bad press and public ire when

10 Ways to Build a Winning Culture

Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Though the quote is attributed to him it is not known exactly when he said it. Either way it is still a wonderful advertisement for culture over strategy. In an era where products are being commoditized and every firm knows what every other firm does culture is what will set your organization apart. For example Southwest Airlines was the low fare airline and is well known for its culture of getting people with passion and providing customers with a unique experience. Though other airlines tried to imitate this model it never went well. This is because you can never copy the culture. Here are the 10 ways to build a winning culture for your organization. Evangelize the mission statement– I know this is not the most exciting topic but it is an absolute requirement for developing a culture of inclusion. Paraphrasing Shakespeare a lot of mission statements are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. A mission statement should be