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1.Always be on time 2.Give people their space and welcome disagreements. Everyone has an idea and we should appreciate good ideas 3.Praise and recognize people for the work they do. Give credit where it is deserved 4.If there is any disagreement try to solve it in person or phone. Avoid email to communicate disagreement if possible 5.Be grateful for all the good things in life 6.Have a clear agenda for the meeting and thorough preparation ensures victory 7.Be happy with what you have now but also strive for excellence through meaningful goals that are challenging but reachable. 8.Be a beacon of hope 9.Listen to inspirational music 10.Love life and celebrate life 11.Celebrate yourself because you are unique and there is no one like you 12.Whenever there is a problem remember “Every adversity carries with it an equivalent benefit” 13.Be the change you want to see 14.Revolutionize your thinking 15.There is nothing called luck for those who deserve it 16.Write and keep track of your successes and celebr…