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A - Z of Management - 26 tips to be at your Managerial Best

Management is getting the work done through others. It is the ability to ensure that the vision set by the leader is achieved through proper staffing, monitoring and performance. Leadership gets all the fame but it is the managers who are responsible for the ultimate day to day activates and resulting output. Here is my A - Z of management which can help you towards becoming a great manager. Advance planning – A successful manager plans ahead. They are always planning against the schedule while maintaining the budget. It is not the plan that is important but it is the planning which is. The thinking that goes into the planning ensures excellent results.  Boss – Though a lot of managers consider themselves as bosses it has been observed that all great managers don’t boss around. They invite input from everyone in the team and ensure team harmony is maintained. The 21st century boss is always available and open to the team fostering human bonds while ensuring ultimate responsibility rest…

A - Z of Love - 26 tips to be at your loving Best

Love is one of the best human emotions of all. When you are filled with love everything else seems to fall in place. More importantly when you are in love you have peace of mind. Love need not only be of a romantic nature as it can also be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. I have tried to deconstruct on what it takes to thrive on love with the A-Z of love. Here are 26 tips to be at your loving best.  Accept the other person – Always accept the other person as they are. If we understand how difficult it is for us to change ourselves we can imagine how tough it would be to change someone else. Accept everyone as they are. If you want to change someone change yourself.  Be there for the other person – Love is demonstrated only when you are there for the other person in times of need. It is great to be around when things are going well but it is in moments of crisis that true love is demonstrated.  Count your blessings – If you want to be in a state of peace and love the only…

10 Soft Skills to Catapult your Career

The most important skills to develop in the future are soft skills. These will be more in demand than just technical skills. Technical skills get you in the game but beyond that it is the soft skills that get you moving further in your career. This Inc. article has identified 10 top soft skills as identified in a LinkedIn survey of hiring managers Here is my take on the 10 skills in demand and how to personalize these to win in the marketplace. Communication – This is the most important skill across any era. Your ability to put your thoughts across will establish you as a key decision maker and will make you visible in the organization Develop your public speaking skills as well. Your ability to communicate both verbally and written is a key success skill in the future marketplace Organization – I take this to mean your ability to manage multiple demands of your work. There is…

11 Values that we can live by

Self-leadership begins with defining values for your life. Just like the United States has a constitution living by your values will give you greater joy in your life. It will also give direction to where you want to go. I have identified few common values which can help us on our journey through life.Here are 11 values that can help us in our journey of self-leadership and self-fulfillment.
Integrity – You will not be surprised with this one. However if you are totally honest with yourself and all your dealings it gives such peace of mind that is difficult to fathom. This is a top value to inculcate in our business and personal lives. We will fall behind at times but we can get back up knowing we need to be on the right track. Remember none of us are perfect and we will make mistakes.
Ambition – There is nothing wrong with ambition as long as it doesn’t lead to greed. When you have good ambition you are more excited about life. Increase this value by setting some big goals for your li…

6 Books I liked Reading in 2017

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and it offers a great opportunity to relax and learn at the same time. I have shared below the 6 books I liked reading so far in 2017.
Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari – This was a good read. The main thesis is the world is largely less violent and much of the famine, war, plague issues have been addressed. However just this month we heard about the famine in four countries which is depressing to hear. There are three things which stuck out. First is if machines indeed take over all our abilities what would humans do to stay happy. Second is we might be living close to immortality reaching 150 which will not be a distant dream but things like our childhood memories maybe distant dreams if we live too long. Third takeaway is we will have more godlike attributes. Finally the book details about AI, technology and data. For example Alpha Go an AI program developed by Google to play the board game Go. It was the first computer program to beat a human in …

38 Keys to Personal Success

Here are my thoughts on how to become more successful and enjoy life. There are 38 keys I have identified and we all do well in some areas and we can improve in other areas. This list can increase our awareness and help us on our journey towards greater personal success.
You are unique - Even identical twins do not have the same characteristics. Be comfortable with who you are. Celebrate who you are and appreciate your uniqueness. There is no need to compare with anyone else as your life has a unique purpose which only you can fulfill. Really appreciate everything about you. Celebrate your life till now - You have already accomplished a lot. Sometimes we think we haven’t done much. However when you look at your life you understand that there has been a lot of things you have done that you can be proud of. There is a famous saying of George Bernard Shaw who was asked at the end of life what he would do if he could live his life again. He said “I wish I could have been the man I never w…