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8 Ways to Win the Playoffs of Life

In my opinion, we are already in the playoffs of life. Sometimes we wait for the right time to do something or think that there is some other time which is more important than now. However, the truth is we are all in the playoffs already and we don’t get too many other chances to showcase our talent. So, this is the main game. Here are the actions needed to win in the playoffs Perform – I love this word because all of us have the need to perform with the talent we have. Some of us are even gifted but only if we do the work required to discover our talent. Performing every week over a long period of time is the key to our success. So decide what performance you want to give this week and go for your touchdown. Love your work – If you need to perform at your best week in and week out then you need to love your work. Keep on bringing passion to your work. Keep loving what you do for your living. That is the number one route to happiness. Doing what you love is great but loving what you do

45 Lessons on Life and Success

This is my 50th article as part of the newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and taken the time to read the articles. Here are my thoughts on how to become more successful and enjoy life. There are 45 keys I have identified and we all do well in some areas and we can improve in other areas. This comprehensive list can increase our awareness and help us on our journey towards greater personal success. First off before we start I wanted to say that no one else can define what success means to us. This is just my list on what can help us on our success journey. If we are moving towards something that we want and we are making progress then that is where you can find your version of success. We have all known people who have had so much public success but they never felt successful. So it is something which each individual has to define for themselves. Here are the 45 keys I have identified that can help us on our journey. You are unique — Even identical twins do not have the s