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15 Keys to Become a Great Manager and Leader

Management is both an art and science. It has specific actions that need to be taken and the results will be predictable. There is a lot of hot air around leadership and I totally agree that leadership is very important which is why many of these points apply to being a great leader as well. However management is absolutely imperative to achieve the vision set by the leader. If we have a leader who can manage and a manager who can lead then we would have an ideal mix of traits to ensure the success of the organization. Sometimes management is also defined as getting the work done through others.  I read the book Creativity, Ed Catmull (President of PIXAR ANIMATION and DISNEY ANIMATION) a few years back and it is one of my favorite business books. He says "The way I see it, my job as a manager is to create a fertile environment, keep it healthy, and watch for things that undermine it. I believe the best managers acknowledge and make room for what they do not know - not just