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Three Powerful Enablers from Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs have always fascinated me. They are full of discipline and seem to achieve a lot. We can take a leaf out of their playbook. I recently read a book called Reinvention by Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman. It is a wonderful book and they talk about three powerful enablers that are reinforced to every Navy SEAL. Here they are with my interpretation of its application to our lives. Mind-set – Obviously if you have a strong mindset and you are mentally tough you can handle any change that comes your way. They mention four mental factors which can be applied to our lives as well. 1.   Goal Setting: You should set short-term goals in increment of 90 days, mid-term goals which should be 1-3 years and finally have long-term goals which are 5-10 years. Goals give you complete direction to your life. 2.    Mental rehearsal: This has been known for ages. We know all athletes visualize before a major performance. For example if you have key meetings recall all your previous success exp…

12 Exercises to Strengthen a Stretch with existing Resources

Most of the time individuals and organizations alike are not happy with existing resources and are always asking for more stuff. However a new refreshing take has been provided by Scott Sonenshein in the book Stretch. The main thesis is “You already have everything you need to succeed in business and life, ready for you to unlock and activate. Stop worrying about what you don’t have, and appreciate what you do have. Think and act as if success is possible, then unleash your creativity to get there.”I loved the chapter which talked about the different strategies to stretch. Here they are with a brief interpretation of each. Expand what you already have – The example of Theodore Geisel is given who set a bet of 50 dollars he could write a book with just 50 unique words. With only fifty unique words he created the famous Green Eggs and Ham. The main takeaway is to always think of alternatives on how to get the most out of your available resources. Find a Sleeping Beauty – It is mentioned…