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Thoughts and Inspiring Quotes

Here are my thoughts and best quotes I like 1.Set challenging goals and keep refining it weekly 2.Do one new thing every 90 days to be excited about life 3.Reduce stress by not sweating on the small stuff 4.Leave your burden of work at work and take it up again the next day 5.Enjoy with your family as you will never get this time again 6.Follow your dreams and don’t settle for anything less 7.Commit to excellence in everything you do 8.Sign up for an exercise program and stick to it 9.Have patience to see victory at the end 10.Read uplifting and encouraging books 11.Learn something new everyday 12.Take certifications in your area of expertise 13.Sell yourself no one else can do it better than you 14.Improve your vocabulary as that translates into better communication 15.Treat your loved ones as the most precious as they are the most important people in the world 16.Know your customers, understand their pain points and present tailored solutions 17.Think before you speak or write once spoken it cant b…

9 Qualities of Great Leaders

The subject of leadership can never be exhausted and that is why there are always books coming out on it. My favorite definition of leadership is from Stephen Covey who said that “Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.”  The responsibility of every leader is to keep affirming the worth and potential of every person in the organization. This will then lead to people performing at their best which gives the organization greater success.  I have identified the key qualities of leaders which I believe can help every leader get better. Not every leader can have all these qualities but an awareness of them can increase the qualities in us. Here are the key qualities of great leaders. Vision Across all the leadership studies done the most important quality of a leader is setting the vision of an organization. As it is often said without vision people perish. Creating an exciting picture about the future is a fundamen…

Built to Last

Built to Last is one of the best business books of all time. Yes it is 20 years since it came out but it is a classic with timeless principles that have stood the test of time. Yes some of the 18 companies mentioned as visionary are no longer at the top but again principles are like gravity they exist and are true. As Jim Collins says there maybe people who exercise and maintain fitness but if they stop exercising they no longer maintain fitness and fall off the wagon. This doesn't mean the principle of exercise changes and same holds true of the principles outlined in this classic. Here are the principles I liked and my take on each.

Clock Building vs Time telling: Leaders of visionary companies are more interested in company’s goals than their individual personality. This means they try to build organizations that thrive and succeed long after they are gone. One example is Charles Coffin who was the leader of GE when it started. He built an organization that has stood the test o…

4 Leadership Principles

I like the book The Leader who had no title by Robin Sharma. While the principles stated are not anything new they still resonated with me and the fact is following the principles outlined can make a difference if adopted. Here are the major principles outlined in the book with my take on each
1.  You need no title to be a Leader: The best example of a leader who exemplifies this is Mahatma Gandhi. He didn’t have a title yet he created a compelling vision of liberation and trailed a blaze that freed a nation from the clutches of tyranny. Yes titles are important to create order but we truly don’t need a title to influence. Leadership is more about influence than position. It is a paradox but the less you care about title and concentrate on your excellence the titles automatically follow. As Margaret Thatcher said “Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't.” Commit to excellence, commit to your team and titles will be taken care.
2.  Turbulent times…