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10 Keys to Stand out as a Leader

 Leadership has been endlessly dissected and ultimately even with the advent of technology the fundamentals of leadership has not changed. Leaders should have the ability to inspire others to action. It is getting people to do things which they normally would not have done without the leader’s intervention. For me leadership is about three things dreaming big with a compelling vision, ability to inspire others and leading by example. I have expanded each letter of the word leadership to identify the key requirements for becoming a great leader. Here are the 10 keys that all outstanding leaders use to stand out and lead people to work towards a well-defined vision. They are great listeners – Great leaders are great listeners. Leaders like Ronald Reagan were well known for their listening skills. When a leader listens to the team they feel the leader is part of the team and is willing to take into account the issues at hand. Leaders understand that for a team to perform they have to fee

8 Ways to Awaken the Olympian Within

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing is underway and I want to wish the best to all the participants to bring on their best game. One of the inspirational performances was that of Eileen Gu as she had to land a move she had never tried in competition. Gu won a gold medal in freestyle skiing, hopefully the first of many for her. Another athlete to salute is Shaun White who is at his fifth games and is still one of snowboarding's greatest competitors. He finished fourth in his last games this time. He said afterward "I am proud the of the life I have led, and what I have done in this sport, and what I have left behind." At the end of our careers if all of us can say that it would be a great career indeed. On Wednesday February 9th 2022 Lindsey Jacobellis won a gold medal. Her story is really interesting. In 2006 she missed her gold medal by falling while performing a showboating trick near the finish line. She missed the final in 2010 and 2014. In 2018 she was placed at four

26 Tips to be at your Successful Best in 2022

Success is a wonderful word that all of us want to be associated with. In my opinion, everyone should define their success and it is for the individual to decide if they are successful or not. For example, the French chef Bernard Loiseau would be a success by anyone’s standard. However, he committed suicide because of a news report that hinted his restaurant may lose its 3-star status.  While setting high standards for our work and life is always a good sign, it is not good if we are never happy with what we achieve. This is why success requires a balance between striving for more and enjoying the current success.  I believe the recipe of success can be baked with the following ingredients. Here is my A - Z of Success. A for Ambition: To achieve any type of success you need a lot of ambition. The people who have made a mark in this world have all been highly ambitious with a compelling vision for the future. Ambition shouldn’t be confused with greed. When you have ambition it creates a