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A - Z of Success

Success is a wonderful word that all of us want to be associated with. In my opinion everyone should define their success and it is for the individual to decide if they are successful or not. For example the French chef Bernard Loiseau would be a success by anyone’s standard. However he committed suicide because of a news report that hinted his restaurant may lose its 3 star status.  While setting high standards for your work and life is always a good sign, it is not good if we are never happy with what we achieve. This is why success requires a balance between striving for more and enjoying the current success.  I believe the recipe of success can be baked with the following ingredients. Here is my A - Z of Success. A for Ambition : To achieve success you need a lot of ambition. The people who have made a mark in this world have all been highly ambitious with a compelling vision for the future. Ambition shouldn’t be confused with greed.  When you have ambition it cr