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3 Keys to Build a Winning Culture

Culture is one of the keys to sustaining an organization. It is also one of the keys to get the organization to the next level. Culture is the secret sauce of all winning organizations. I had earlier written on 8 ways to build a winning culture you can check it here.  8 Ways to Build a Winning Culture One book I liked recently on this topic is “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle. He had earlier written The Talent Code and The Little Book of Talent which are both great in their own way. He has done extensive research citing examples right from Navy Seals to Pixar among others. Here are the three keys to build a world class culture and put your organization into the stratosphere. Safety –  This has been mentioned in all books around team building. This is based on the Google project Aristotle which basically mentioned that the number one requirement for any employee is a feeling of safety. This means they should be able to come to work and speak candidly on issues. They should

7 Practices to be Great at Work

We all want to be great at work. Great at work by Morten Hansen is a wonderful take on how we can get the most out of ourselves. The main thesis is it is not just about working 60 hours a week. In fact, the research confirms that you cannot work more than 50 hours without losing your edge. So, it pays to really ensure we are paying attention to burnout. The book starts with the story of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott when they were trying to reach the South Pole. This story has been documented in multiple books. Obviously, Roald Amundsen won the race and it was not because he had bigger resources. In fact, Scott had the bigger budget and a bigger team. However, Roald Amundsen focused on only one mode of transport which is using dog sleds. He also ensured he got Greenlander dogs instead of Siberian huskies because they were stronger. He also ensured he got the best dog handler in his team. This shows his meticulous preparation. This was in stark contrast to Scott who had ev