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Leadership Styles

I recently read the book Primal Leadership and found it to be illuminating. I gleaned the following learning with respect to different leadership styles. I also agree with authors that emotional quotient (EQ) is as important as IQ. In fact the higher you go up the organization the more important the EQ. Leadership Styles Visionary Style – This is the best form of leadership where a vision is built by the leader who inspires followers with an exciting vision for the future. All leaders have vision. Where there is no vision people perish. Most importantly employees need to feel excited to come to work and the only way that can happen is there is something exciting to look forward to. This is where the visionary leader steps in and provides clear direction for the future. Coaching Style – Coaching is a very important style for leader to adapt. Leaders are dealers in hope. They have to set the right example and show the way. What make