1.         Always be on time
2.         Give people their space and welcome disagreements. Everyone has an idea and we should appreciate good ideas
3.         Praise and recognize people for the work they do. Give credit where it is deserved
4.         If there is any disagreement try to solve it in person or phone. Avoid email to communicate disagreement if possible
5.         Be grateful for all the good things in life
6.         Have a clear agenda for the meeting and thorough preparation ensures victory
7.         Be happy with what you have now but also strive for excellence through meaningful goals that are challenging but reachable.
8.         Be a beacon of hope
9.         Listen to inspirational music
10.     Love life and celebrate life
11.     Celebrate yourself because you are unique and there is no one like you
12.     Whenever there is a problem remember “Every adversity carries with it an equivalent benefit”
13.     Be the change you want to see
14.     Revolutionize your thinking
15.     There is nothing called luck for those who deserve it
16.     Write and keep track of your successes and celebrate them
17.     Your destiny is in your hands
18.     Your attempts may fail but never fail to make an attempt
19.     There is a proverb “Every arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of 100 misses.” Don’t focus on the misses.
20.     Humility is a great virtue
21.     Have patience Rome was not built in a day.
22.     We can’t control our yesterdays but we can control our todays and tomorrows
23.     Never compare yourself with others
24.     Forget and Forgive
25.     Good health is true wealth
26.     Have Patience to see victory at the end. Don’t expect immediate results.
27.     Do your duty and rest of things will follow
28.     Follow your instinct
29.     Be confident, feel confident, act confident, project confidence
30.     Be enthusiastic, passionate, innovative and active
31.     Develop courage, display resilience, show character, practice honesty and exhibit integrity
32.     Learning is the antidote to competition, action is the antidote for depression, exercise is the key to focus and happiness
33.     Never doubt your ability
34.     Have gratitude. Be grateful for everything in your life
35.     Remember your parents, honor them, love them, care for them and make them proud
36.     Love your children, nurture them, inspire them, lead them, love them, be with them in their tough times and make them feel great
37.     Knowledge and wisdom is gained over a life time and a degree in a university alone does not guarantee it
38.     Think peaceful thoughts, feel peaceful inside, radiate happiness and maintain your high spirits always
39.     Life is a game of chess. Never checkmate yourself
40.     There is never a better time than now to start and live the life you dreamed of
41.     Be happy with others success
42.     What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you


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