Define your Success

We all have reservoirs of potential to be unleashed and to recognize our unlimited potential is the first step towards getting the best out of ourselves. Talent is a strange word that we use to describe only the uber successful like multimillionaires, sports superstars and other public figures but we all have talent that can be unleashed.

Talent is not something most of us are born with, it is something we develop through thorough soul searching, self-analysis, practice and deep learning. It is a cinch but worth repeating find out what ignites your passion. Passion ignites reservoirs of talent that is hidden within our vast reservoirs. The main obstacles in our path are our self-doubt and lack of patience.

Let’s face it once we embark on a journey we get a little overwhelmed with the effort that is required to get to our summit. There are no guarantees in life and the journey is going to be hard but we have to realize it is worth the effort. We have to really deeply think what we are in it for. Yes money is a reason, fame is a reason, a sense of accomplishment is a reason but once we get deep within ourselves and realize that there is something more important our juices start flowing.

Finding our purpose/meaning/mission in life is our great task. Once we find what we are here for our lives become more exciting, engaging, and we are full of energy, enthusiasm, passion and have an unlimited zest for our lives. Just writing about this makes me feel more excited.Today is a great day to live the life we have always imagined. It has been well established that once we act like the person we want to become we will eventually become the type of person we always wanted to be deep inside.

There is no right way to live a life. As long as we live within the laws we are free to choose what we do with our lives in the finite time we have. What might mean success for one person may not be the same for another. We are quick to jump to conclusions and claim some people are successful while others are not. I believe only the particular individual can decide if they are successful according to their definition or not.

It is not for us to decide if someone is successful or not. The only choice we have is to determine if we are successful against the standards and definition we set for ourselves. If we attain success against the definition we set for ourselves then we are a success period. We owe it to ourselves to define what success will be for us.

There is abundance in this world and we have enormous choices. As we exercise choices that enhance our lives we eventually go forward and we will reach our Everest. Continuously pursuing our summits is the true joy in life and the journey is more exciting than the reward itself!!


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