22 Keys to feel great about your life

What does it take to feel great about life? You usually feel great when you feel good about everything in your life.  Here are 22 keys to feel great about your life. You feel great about life when
  1. You are totally at peace with yourself and accept everything about yourself.
  2. You are totally filled with gratitude for everything in your life.
  3. You feel it is a privilege to be alive.
  4. You understand that there are so many people struggling and you have been given an opportunity to make an impact.
  5. You are in peak health and fitness. You feel physically agile.
  6. You have an abundance mentality which means when someone does well you feel genuinely happy.
  7. You don’t compare yourself with others and enjoy what you have.
  8. You don’t think too much about the past and don’t think what others think of you.
  9. You understand that you cannot be liked by everyone. It is just futile and energy draining to think everyone can like you.
  10. You are totally true to yourself and understand that you have given your best irrespective of outcomes.
  11. You are a totally unique individual and do not change to suit the needs of others.
  12. You are future oriented and think of the wonderful future ahead of you. You leave the past totally behind.
  13. You plan all the way to get the most out of yourself.
  14. You feel a deep sense of internal worth and do not depend on outside intervention to feel good.
  15. You treat each day as the best day of your life. There are no bad days.
  16. You view life as a continual learning experience and document your lessons learned.
  17. You find the good in everything that happens.
  18. You give your total heart to your kids and bring the best out of them.
  19. You begin with the end in mind. Always think of how you will be remembered and align your actions accordingly.
  20. You give your best every day at work.
  21. You are totally at peace with the world and understand your role in making it a better experience for everyone you come in encounter with.
  22.  You never abuse your health and take it for granted. Take care of your health and everything else will fall in place.
Following these 22 keys will ensure your life is in harmony with your values. You will enjoy greater peace of mind and get greater joy from life.
The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.


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