What Humans can do to find Meaning when Robots take over

Robots are going to take over a lot of the jobs. We are constantly hearing this phrase all the time but the more pertinent question is how humans will find meaning in life. Just for a moment think if a lot of our jobs are taken away and even if we are provided universal basic income as it is being proposed we will still have a lot of free time. The only way to be happy in those circumstances will be to find the real meaning of life. Here I have expanded each letter of the word meaning to see how we can handle ourselves.
Mastery – The constant challenge to upgrade ourselves is a must. We should always be looking out to learn new things, adapt ourselves to the current trends and even be prepared to change careers if required. The main point is we need to master skills that are valuable which only humans can do. For example sales are one skill which will not become obsolete even in 2025 or 2035. Moving people at a visceral level cannot be done by robots. So you can develop your sales skills. You can also develop soft skills which may well be in demand more than just technical skills. The point is to master the key skills that will stand you in good stead going forward.
Enthusiasm – You can only find meaning in life if you are totally enthusiastic about your life.  Get excited about your life. Just think of it as an opportunity to experience this world as it is. A lot of people don’t get that opportunity. Make the most of the time available. Get excited about every day as every day is indeed the best day of your life.
Attitude – Your attitude towards everything in your life will play a greater role going forward. You need to develop coping skills to view the world through a prism of abundance. Keep looking at the brighter side of your life. Your attitude is the true barometer of how you experience your life. Turn every setback into stepping stones and convert every negative into a positive. Your perception of the realities of your life will determine how you experience your life.
Never say die – This is the spirit that is needed to survive the turbulence which is forthcoming. We need to develop what Angela Duckworth calls Grit. Real enthusiasm for whatever we do for a living. Develop your resilience muscles by defining a clear mission statement for your life, setting goals, contributing to society and pouring your love to everyone around you. Nothing can put a good person down.
Fuel your Inspiration – These are the times we really need to stay inspired about our lives and really understand what we want to stand for. There are many avenues there which can help us bring our best to the forefront. However in order to bring your best you need to be inspired. You can inspire others or even members of your family only if you are inspired. Some of the ideas to stay inspired are exercise, writing in a journal, reading inspirational books, listening to something inspirational and staying connected with people you truly adore.  
Never stop innovating – Innovating means always looking to improve the current realities. It is about challenging the status quo. It doesn’t have to completely original. Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player but they made sure they focused on breakthrough design with deep empathy for the customer providing the most innovative design. One book that can help here is Originals by Adam Grant. It is a wonderful book on the subject of innovation.
Goals – Meaning can be derived through goals. Once you define your personal mission statement you need to break it down into achievable goals to fulfill your ultimate purpose. Set goals in all areas of your life including personal, family, health, financial, educational and community. This will give a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. Your dreams need focus and that’s where goals can help.
There you have it all the ways you can make the most of your life and ensure you live life to the fullest.
The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.


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