5 Keys to Super Productivity

I watched the TEDx talk of David Allen David Allen Talk the productivity guru and author of the best seller Getting Things Done. His concept of managing time is simple but has stood the test of time. Here are the steps to get better control of our time.
Purpose: - Having a purpose creates energy to keep focused on the most important items. First step is to capture everything to be done where there it is a small or big item, so calling the dentist gets into this list. Once the list is there organize it and then prioritize. This is not earth shattering stuff but again fundamentals are always simple it is only in our execution that things awry. Don’t make it more complicated than it should be. Don't keep anything in your mind. Nothing should be in your mind so capture everything that has your attention. Also understand why this item has your attention in other words what is the purpose.
Vision: - Decide what your final ideal outcome is going to be. Or put in another way what would success mean to you. Write everything down get it on paper. This is how vision is translated to reality. Once it is on paper review it daily to ensure your vision is aligned to your purpose.
Ideas: - Brain storm with yourself. In order to create your ideal outcome what are the things you need to do. Brain storm and jot down anything that maybe potentially relevant to your project.
Structure: - Structure your ideas and keep track of the ideas for which action needs to be taken. Evaluate the ideas and pick the three most important things you can handle.
Action: Take action and ask “What’s the very next action that needs to happen on this to work” is it an email or phone call. Take action and keep moving forward. Yes this method is simple but it does work. The greatest human fear is loss of control. This strategy helps in keeping things in check.
As you can see if we follow these five simple guidelines we can get better control of our time. Even if we read all the time management books it boils down to these fundamentals. Wish you a journey of peace and productivity.
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