8 Ways to Improve Well-Being at Work

Mandy Oaklander is one of my favorite columnists of Time Magazine. Earlier she wrote about resilience and now her latest article on new ways to improve well-being at work is timely and some of the strategies are counter-intuitive.
As per this article a recent analysis of American workers found that disengagement at the office costs U.S. $550 billion each year, and work-related stress tacks on an additional $300 billion. Reb Rebele, a researcher with Wharton People Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania says “If your goal is feeling better, you need to get your head out of work.”
Here are 8 ways to improve well-being at work as per the experts with my take on each 
  1. Do someone a five minute favor – It has been well established that when we do something kind for someone else we feel better about ourselves. This means helping someone at work with their task or buying something for them actually makes you happier. 
  1. Play with a puppy – Studies have shown that when employees bring a dog to work they felt less stressed. Of course a lot of people have pictures of their dear ones which also make them feel good. I think this can also mean to just laugh with someone or share a joke. Basically have a playful attitude than being serious all the time. 
  1. Hide your phone – Again especially in meetings we find that a lot of people are distracted and checking emails when someone is presenting. This creates stress so don’t display the phone when someone is talking. This can be applied to our personal relationships as well. 
  1. Take a break for lunch – The whole point is a little bit of fresh air does help. You have to renew your energy on a regular basis. Sitting long hours is not good for you so just take breaks once in 2 hours for 5 or 10 min. 
  1. Let yourself procrastinate – This is counter intuitive but the more we think of a problem the less we are able to function at our best. Taking a break by listening to music or if you like a short game for 5 min does make you more creative. 
  1. Disappear for a bit – Again this follows up with the earlier point where you just take a break, get some fresh air and take a little pressure off yourself. You can take 10 minutes to listen to something or talk to a friend. 
  1. Gossip with your co-workers – I take this to mean that you can have friendly chit-chat with your colleagues. This does increase team camaraderie and increases your belonging at work as well. 
  1. End the day like you mean it – This has become increasingly difficult for most of us but unwinding after a hard day at work is the only way to recharge and keep your batteries running. Remember it is what you do to renew yourself away from your work that determines how well you do at work.
These 8 suggestions are simple to implement but it is worth the effort.
The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization


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