Hail the Master

Federer's achievement on Sunday of winning 7 Wimbledons and his 17th grandslam is a historic achievement and is not something that would be broken in the near future,
This sport is so amazing when Pete Sampras completed his career most people thought that 14 grandslams would not be broken in his life time. In less than 10 years Federer has managed to achevie that. Federer won his first grandslam in 2003 and since then he has not looked back.
Most people in the recent years have been saying Federer is on the wane. Well even if he is not at his best he always reaches the semis. He has reached 35 straight quarterfinals. Sampras in his prime sometimes has lost in the early round(Nadal lost in the second round in this years wimbledon) but Federer is a machine and is a hallmark for consistency.
The best attributes that describe Federer
1. Passion - His love of the sport is amazing. He has achieved it all but still wants to win more.
2. Self Drive - He keeps pushing himself to explore new frontiers which others can only dream of.
3. Humility - Even after his victory he said players cannot be compared across eras even though many experts are now saying he is the best of all time.
4.Self Discipline - He has not been injured in his entire career. That is almost unheard of in professional tennis. Goes to show his self discipline in maintaining high levels of fitness throughout his career.
5. Consistency - This is the true hallmark of Federer and his genius. He has reached 37 straight quarterfinals, has been injury free so he always makes it to the second week of a championship. He has been Number One longer than any player in History.
Hope he continues to play for some more time and provide joy to the tennis fans worldwide.


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