115 Thoughts one becoming more Successful and Enjoying Life

Here are my thoughts on how to become more successful and enjoy life.
1.You are unique. Even identical twins are not the same. Be comfortable with who you are.
2. Celebrate your life till now. You have already accomplished a lot.
3. Write down all your victories right from your childhood. You will be surprised by how many victories you had.
4. Forget time management, instead manage yourself. Set priorities, work on the most important task first and say no to a lot of things.
5. Define your personal mission statement.
6. Define what you want your life to stand for.
7. Define your values. It could be discipline, integrity, honesty, simplicity.
8. Set your 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals.
9. Stay up to date on your industry trends through blogs, books and podcasts.
10.  Start writing in a journal and record everything about your life. 11.  Develop Grit which is the key quality of success.
12.  Study successful people and emulate their actions.
13.  Study failures and avoid them.
14.  Stay super fit by exercising and eating well.
15.  Do get adequate sleep. It is mandatory for peak performance.
16.  When will you feel you have succeeded? Define that for yourself.
17.  Forget what others think about you. Think about what you feel about yourself.
18.  Say no to anything not aligned to your values.
19.  Public acclaim is always the result of dedicated practice in one area for a long period of time.
20.  Self-discipline is the key quality to win in life and work.
21.  Develop your self-esteem as it determines how high you rise in life.
22.  High self-respect ensures you can bounce back from temporary setbacks.
23.  Love life. There is only one chance we get to make the most out of it.
24.  Make time to spend time with those you love.
25.  No one erected a statue to a critic.
26.  Get into the habit of doing the things that other people say cannot be done.
27.  Have a financial plan for your life. Money is important.
28.  Happiness is indeed the progress towards a predetermined outcome.
29.  Develop your own happiness project as only you know what makes you happy.
30.  Forget the past, instead use it as a vehicle to avoid things which should not have been done.
31.  Look to the future with hope and plan to win on your own terms.
32.  Parenting is an exciting adventure. Try to be good role model for your kids.
33.  No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. 34.  Be prepared for opportunity when it strikes. Always be open to new things in your life.
35.  As someone said you can live life anyway you want but you can live it only once.
36.  Love what you do as without it there would be no bread on your table.
37.  Develop compassion for your fellow human beings.
38.  You are the leader of your life. Lead it the way you want. 39.  Don’t take orders from anyone. Take input but make sure decisions are your own.
40.  Practice creative abandonment as Peter Drucker says. If I were not in this situation already would I still do what i am doing?
41.  Praise in public and criticize only in private.
42.  Always look for the good in others.
43.  Forgive yourself and others.
44.  Your thoughts lead to your actions which results in the outcome you desire. So think positive uplifting thoughts.
45.  Emulate leaders who have inspired you.
46.  Don’t follow someone without knowing everything about them.
47.  Lead from where you are and inspire others to peak performance.
48.  Leadership is about dreaming big, inspiring others and leading by example. 49.  Treat others the way they want to be treated.
50.  Eliminate worry from your life. Write down your worries and be prepared for the worst possible outcome.
51. Develop your public speaking skills.
52. Write on your company blogs around your area of expertise.
53. You can be creative by recording all your ideas and thinking more deliberately.
54. Stay calm under pressure which is one of the admirable qualities of a leader.
55. Have a vision for your life.
56. There will be bad times so don't get too high with success and don't get too down with failure.
57. Have a never say die spirit like Novak Djokovic.
58. Go for excellence in all areas of your life.
59. Develop your methods for relaxation. When your mind and body is relaxed you produce your best work.
60. Develop your negotiation skills as that will increase your income.
61. Always be on the look out for new trends in technologies and never become obsolete.
62. Take certifications in your area of expertise.
63. One way to win is to always keep your end goal in sight. As it has been well said obstacles are the things you encounter when you lose sight of your goal.
64. The best way to increase your income by increasing your contribution.
65. Write down everything you like about your job and look at it daily.
66. Write down everything you are grateful for. This is the fastest way to get happy.
67. Become a kinder person. There is always something you can do to lift others up.
68. Think like an Entrepreneur which means seeing yourself as a leader in your job and life. Bring your ingenuity and creativity to your job.
69. Save 15 percent of your income every month and read a good financial book to see where you can place your investment.
70. Study everything about your business and share your learning with your team.
71. Develop your managerial skills. It might be boring but will help you in the long run.
72. Be flexible with your decisions and be prepared to change with new information.
73. This question has been sighted by many authors to get real clarity on your life. It is "What would you do if you had 20 million dollars and only 2 years to live."
74. Another question "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail."
75. Failure is nothing but feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
76. You have a finite amount of days to live so make it count by being more thoughtful about your actions.
77. Never ignore your intuition. Take some action based on it.
78. Take vacations and learn to unwind. As Gandhi said "There is more to life than increasing its speed."
79. Turn off notifications on your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and other social media channels. This will give you a greater sense of control.
80. Have specific times where you log into social media channels.
81. You control the technology or it controls you.
82. The way you see the world determines your worldview. A positive worldview enables you to achieve all the success you want.
83. Do not take undue risks putting your family or finances at risk.
84. Delegate low value activities to make the most out of your time.
85. Be an inspirational role model to others. Light a candle and let it shine brightly on others who follow you.
86. The opportunities available to all of us is unfathomable. We have abundance in this universe and we need to make the most of the resources available.
87. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal. There is no shortcut to any place worth going.
88. You cannot control your height or the way you look but you can control the response to events in your life.
89. Your response to the negative event is more important than the negative event itself.
90. Never compare yourself with others. There is always someone who produces more than you and has more money than you.
91. Develop a pleasing personality by smiling, listening and giving credit to others.
92. Facts are facts and cannot be changed. So accept everything that has happened in your life.
93. Have a cheerful disposition. An overall cheer for life will hold you in good stead.
94. You cannot outsource your life decisions to others. In other words you need to take complete responsibility for your actions.
95. Provide complete support to your family and close friends. Moral support is very important to a peaceful life.
96. Your job provides an opportunity to showcase your brilliance so always give your absolute best every single day.
97. Always expect that there could be a crisis and be ready for it when it does happen.
98. If you want inspiration read "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.
99. Develop your sales skills as we are all in sales. The ability to move and persuade others is a key sales skill.
100. Your life is in your control barring any unforeseen circumstances so go for it and make your life a masterpiece.
101. Every day is the best day of your life. Give it your best shot.
102. Count your blessings and you will find happiness.
103. As Aristotle said "Wisdom is an equal measure of experience plus reflection."
104. Take time to reflect on where you are and then determine where you want to go.
105. You may off course most of the time in life but the ability to get back on track sooner than later is the key to your long term success.
106. Motivating yourself is your responsibility because without motivation no success is possible.
107. Success is about designing the life you want with the people you love achieving the things you desire.
108. Do your duty and the rest of the things will follow. However I would like to modify the statement and say performing your duty multiplied with desire will bring all the success you want.
109. Once you achieve your goal you can surely take some days to feel good but the only way to maintain that feeling is to set even bigger goals.
110. Invest in the process and give your best. Accept the outcome whatever it is as you have given your best.
111. Invest your time in networking and developing contacts. It has been found that weak ties get you more opportunities than regular contacts.
112. What is the one decision you can take now to make your life better. Make that decision and take action.
113. Everything you want in life takes time. You need to have enormous patience to see victory.
114. When someone criticizes you smile. Once you do that verify if it justified. If yes take action and if not ignore it.
115. Finally action is everything. Once you take action on a daily basis your success will be inevitable.

Hope you enjoyed reading the 115 things that you can do to move the needle of your success and find your true joy in life.
The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.


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