7 Keys to Live a Charged Life

We all want to feel vibrant, enthusiastic and charged up for our lives. The Charge is a nice book by Brendon Burchard and it is a decent read. Here are the 7 keys I liked for living a charged life with my take on each.
Chargers are open and observant in the moment – Most of the time we live in the past or are too focused on the future. However when you think of it all we have is the present moment. Make the most of it and enjoy. Your present moments define your future. Take action today don’t wait for tomorrow and never look at the bad events of the past.
Chargers are future oriented – I take this to mean creating an exciting picture about the possibilities of your future. Only you can control your thoughts so keep your mind totally focused on your goals. Goals are inherently future oriented and when you always think about your goals you are bound to be charged for the future. It also provides hope.
Chargers are challenge seekers– The only way life can be exciting is to challenge ourselves on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean taking undue risks but it is the ability to always learn and try something new. Probably reading something that is difficult is a good challenge. Taking certifications in your work is another challenge which can help you. Keep stretching yourself and do something that keeps you excited.
Chargers are deeply interested in and authentically connect with others – The only happiness we will get is through our relationships. It goes without saying that in order to form deep bonds with others you need to be other centered. Take an active interest in others and tune your conversation to others needs. Help people in need.
Chargers are self-reliant – I take this to mean you are the CEO of your life and career. Establish your own training department by reading continuously reading in your field. View yourself as self-employed. Keep abreast of trends, identify experts in your field, read their blogs, listen to their podcasts and document what you have learnt.
Chargers are creatively driven – We can all be creative and it is your birthright. Keep an idea log in a notebook. Note down every idea you get. Spend a lot of time in thinking, engage in exercise and share ideas with others to ignite your creativity. Move from left brain thinking to more right brain thinking.
Chargers are meaning makers – I take this to mean live for a cause larger than yourself. You need to find your purpose in life and then you wouldn’t need someone else to wake you up. You would want to be up most of the time.
There you have it the 7 ways to live a charged life. If we do adopt these strategies life will become exciting and we will enjoy it more.
The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization. 


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