Take off in Full Throttle - The Flight Plan

Your life will be off course most of the time. The analogy of a flight plan is good. During a flight the pilot will be off course most of the time but it still reaches the destination most of the time.

The flight plan by Brian Tracy is a nice easy to read book and is built on these following principles.

Decide your destination – Obviously the first step is to decide where you want to go. Not everyone has taken the time to decide exactly what they want in life. You need to decide yourself where you want to end up in life. Set goals on your career, family and other areas. The steps to set goals are decide exactly what you want, set deadlines, get help where needed and keep reviewing on a regular basis.

Take off – Once you decide your destination the next step is to take off. This is where you let go of all your excuses why you cannot do something. You just take the first step towards your goal and you keep taking steps to stay on track. Taking off on full throttle is the key to your success.

Make course corrections – As mentioned earlier you will be off course most of the time. We may want to double our income but then we face reality that it is going to take a long time. However if you take one step after another and change plans when needed eventually you will reach your destination.

Obviously the book offers much more than this and has some detailed steps on how to avoid headwinds for instance. Overall it is a breezy read. Remember you are the pilot of your life and you can take off wherever you want. Make sure you decide where you want to go, take off in full throttle and make course corrections.

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