Confidence, Optimism, Tenacity and Enthusiasm

What are the keys to performing under pressure? It is one of the keys to achieve big in life. I like the book “Performing under Pressure” by Hendrie Weisinger and J.D. Pawliw-Fry. It has a nice process for performing great when the chips are down. It is called COTE which stands for Confidence, Optimism, Tenacity Enthusiasm. Let’s analyze them one by one
Confidence – Self-confidence is achieved when we are competent in what we do. For example if somebody asked me to play violin my confidence will be low because I have no experience there. However if I am asked to speak about project management I will have great confidence. Some of the ways to stay confident are by exercising, taking responsibility for your actions, being open to criticism and focusing your efforts in your strength areas.
Optimism – The single quality that characterizes super stars in business like Bill Gates is optimism. It is a great world view to have. Some of the ways to develop optimism are having an optimistic vocabulary by saying more of I can, have an abundance mentality there is plenty of credit to go around, appreciate the world around you and always explain your life optimistically. No matter how many bad things have happened there are always good things that have happened to us.
Tenacity– It has been found that it is not the most talented who wins but the grittiest. There is a DNA for tenacity mentioned here which is G-F-H-C. They stand for Goals, Focus, Hope and Coping. Set challenging goals, focus always on the important, have high hope that you will succeed and develop coping strategies to remain resilient. Energize yourself by having great goals, practice focusing always on high priorities, always be flexible and reframe your setbacks by explaining the positive in every setback.
Enthusiasm – Enthusiastic people are happier and enjoy their success as well. Get enthusiastic about whatever you do for a living. Find the purpose of why you are doing your work, engage in positive activities that you enjoy, listen to inspiring upbeat music, speak with enthusiasm, laugh , and finally always look to the victories you had in the past.
Finally the authors advise the readers to affirm your self, be positive every day, commit to your best and celebrate. If we follow this we can perform well under pressure.
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